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PERFORMING at SXSW March 10th through March 12th in the huge HBO Westworld Installation. "Doesn't look like anything to me."

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Being an actor in the Blade Runner 2049 Experience at San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con 2017 has come to an end which means I can finally spill the beans. 

I can now proudly say that I had the honor and joy of being part of the cast of the Blade Runner 2049 Experience.

The event was considered by many fans and publications to be the best part of Comic-Con this year, and I couldn't be more proud to have been part of it. I've posted pics here. Thank you to the cast and crew, David WallyMycotooGiant SpoonAlcon Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Pictures for the honor. 

People are saying some pretty cool stuff.

Warner Bros. won the Comic-Con fan activation game hands down with the massive “Blade Runner 2049” experience...dozens of very committed actors [brought] the world of “Blade Runner” to life.

LA Times
The Best Moments from Comic Con 2017 

by Meredith Woerner and Jen Yamato July 24, 2017

I have to admire the dedication of these actors.

'Blade Runner 2049' brings cyberpunk LA to San Diego Comic-Con
We got a preview of Los Angeles' cyberpunk future thanks to a mix of virtual reality and movie-making magic.
by Roger Cheng Jul 20, 2017

The idea of seeing something that takes a look behind the scenes of a movie or TV show is all well and good, but that’s ultimately something I can find online, in any number of promotional photos, behind-the-scenes clips, or trailers. Stepping inside a physical space populated with actors, however, is inherently singular and unique.

The Verge
Blade Runner in VR is cool, but Blade Runner in real life is cooler
At Comic-Con we step inside the most iconic future of them all
by Bryan Bishop @bcbishop Jul 22, 2017

But what is The Blade Runner 2049 Experience?


I think The LA Times gives a perfect rundown of the events during this "ultimate immersive experience" that took place in a giant space just outside the San Diego Convention Center. Since the publication so perfectly describes how one is "transported onto the grimy neon streets of futuristic Los Angeles straight out of the Oct. 6 sequel 'Blade Runner 2049," I'll just leave that description right here:

The "Blade Runner" blowout begins in a darkened hallway adorned with vibrant concept art from the new film, in which Ryan Gosling's next-gen blade runner embarks on a quest to find his long-lost predecessor, Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford). 

Guests then strap in for a wild, immersive virtual-reality replicant chase (powered by Oculus and rumbling D-Box chairs) that drops them right into the familiar world of "Blade Runner" in the year 2049. You can belly up to the noodle bar, check out RFID-enabled vending machines, take the "Voight-Kampff" test, and best of all, go deep into canon with dozens of incredibly committed actors in full cyberpunk hair, makeup and costumes.

On display in one corner: The costumes of "Blade Runner 2049," where you can get up close and personal with Harrison Ford's dadcore chic and wonder exactly how chill the last 30 years have been for Deckard.

This is the biggest Hollywood studio effort we've seen this year at Comic-Con, where activations of this scale come with hefty price tags. But the best part is the freedom it gives you to just live in the world of "Blade Runner."

As you enter the scene, gruff Los Angeles Police Department officers bellow around a downed ship cordoned off by yellow police tape and usher you along as they investigate the crash, mingling with the colorful and combative street denizens of a gritty, rain-soaked downtown set.

You can order drinks at Bibi's Bar, silhouetted by the suggestive shadows of dancing figures, where the house serves three blends of whiskey in tiny vials courtesy of sponsor Johnnie Walker.

Check it out for yourself. Here's some footage.

Recent Stuff.

  • PERFORMING from July 20th through July 23rd at Comic-Con
  • PERFORMING on July 29th at Midsummer Scream (the West Coast’s premier Halloween/horror event) in Long Beach and then at Dark Harbor's Sinister Circus aboard the Queen Mary for a haunted summer costume ball. I'll be reprising my role as the painfully cheerful clown, Melody.
  • FINGERS CROSSED that the comedy feature For the Love of George makes it into The Toronto Film Festival (I have a large supporting role). We'll know by the end of August. @4LoveofGeorge

Recent Stuff.

  • SCREENING for cast and crew of the feature film Inquisitor, currently in the final stage of post production.
  • PINNED for a series regular on a comedic USA/TNT pilot from the writer of Old School.
  • JUST RELEASED short film Otherhalf from oscar-winning production co. Framestore Pictures.  
  • WRAPPED SHOOTING the title role in the indie feature film Melody.
  • WRAPPED SHOOTING large supporting role in comedy feature For the Love of George@4LoveofGeorge